Sleep Wearables

SnoreCoach coaches you to sleep to reduce snoring

Snoring is a nuisance for both the person who does it and the partner who sleeps with that person because it can significantly reduce the amount of sleep both people get each night.

patent-claimedSnoreCoach is a small sensor that attaches to the back of the user’s shirt via a Velcro patch and communicates with a companion SnoreTrack iOS app that’s been designed to help change the wearer’s sleep patterns. The app helps users change their sleep patterns by prompting them to sleep in positions that are less conducive to snoring. The patent-pending SnoreTrack’s sound analysis algorithms identify people who snore frequently, and determine whether or not that snoring is likely to respond to more favorable sleep positions.

Fitness trackers sometimes claim to track sleep, but they rely on motion sensors and do not provide information regarding the cause of poor or less effective sleep. They also can’t identify snoring-related problems like SnoreTrack can. SnoreCoach ships in August and its future price is $99, but Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge starting at $49 for early birds. Its makers hope to raise $200,000 by July 17.

Another big plus about SnoreCoach is that it doesn’t require charging and is designed to last about one year, its maker says. It’s also a big improvement over anti-snoring products like Snor that require users to place tubes in their mouths. An obvious drawback for some consumers is that SnoreCoach doesn’t work with Android devices right now. But its maker says Android support is in the works and the goal is to have that ready by the time SnoreCoach ships.

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