Before the Backers: three smartwatches

Before the Backers highlights up-and-coming products that haven’t yet made their crowdfunding debut.

Choco Wear


The Choco Wear is a bendable smartwatch with a focus on fitness, able to track all the usuals such as heart rate, oxygen levels, calories burned, and sleep patterns in addition to keeping users up-to-date on calls, texts, and other notifications from a connected smartphone. What sets this one apart is its use of solar power in conjunction with a high-capacity battery and E Ink display, making it a device that pretty much never needs to be traditionally charged. Crowdfunding efforts should begin anywhere in late May or early June,



If you love music, hate headphones, and want to keep your phablet in your pocket, a forthcoming piece of wristwear may be for you. The VUVU GO is constructed around a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that sports a water-resistant, digital watch face with touch screen controls. Users can stream audio from any source to the watch, or play songs stored on its 4GB internal storage as well for up to four hours of continuous use. A good deal more attractive than the pacifier-like Wristker, it could be just the thing for keeping your favorite tunes close at hand.



Previous products like Olive have already challenged Emvio’s claim of being the first band dedicated to stress, Still, the smartwatch, which offers versions for men (Romeo) and women (Juliet) detects and displays stress in real time on a high quality LED. While it can be used independently of a smartphone, its companion app warns users when they have high levels of stress and offers tips to calm down.

The company claims its patent-pending method based on heart rate variability is more accurate than other methods, allowing users to better cultivate mindfulness about their stress. Basic smartwatch features like steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned are also checked off. Look out for its Kickstarter campaign in the upcoming months.

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