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Stress-detecting Olive wristband coaches more calm from your arm

Contemporary society dictates that life must be led with monkeys of all sorts on our backs, constantly stressing us out. Bills, project deadlines, families, friends, and so many more things increase our stress levels daily, but most of us wouldn’t even know it. Enter Olive, one of the first wearable devices specifically designed to track and help manage stress.

The company’s tagline is ‘Be Stellar,’ and the fashionably forward wristband does just that. It doesn’t help your stress by being a fashion accessory, though. The band is filled with sensors tracking the physical indicators of stress (heart rate, skin reaction, and skin temperature), combining that with information on your daily habits (sleep, physical activity, and exposure to light). With this, Olive gets to know you, nudging you using haptic feedback and LED lights when it detects elevated stress levels. The product guides you through these stressful moments with simple exercises that positively impact your life, like deep breathing or mindfulness exercises.

Call on Olive to guide you at any point with a simple rub, or make note of a particularly pleasant, enjoyable moment with a double tap. The companion iOS apps helps analyze you more fully, tailoring the exercises suggested to your personal life. Those responsible for Olive are looking for $100,000 to get it off the ground and running. For those simply looking to navigate the murky waters of everyday life, grab an Olive for $129 with the option to spruce it up with an elegant charging stand for $29.

Up to this point, wearable bands have concentrated solely on physical health and not much else. Rare is the product that tries to conquer another avenue but Olive is indeed that type of product. The product may not be unique in that in tracks your habits like the Jawbone UP, but what it does with that data is something special. Be on the lookout for it.