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Trago tops off your water bottle with ultrasound smarts

Water water everywhere nor but a drop to drink is an unenviable situation as the ancient mariner learned. Fortunately, many of us have much easier access to hydration, often in a vessel toted around to enable adequate hydration. Bot it can be tricky to know what makes for adequate water intake.

Trago claims to kn0w. Billed as the world’s first smart water bottle (bottle lid really), it screws on to wide-mouth containers from the likes of Nalgene and Camelbak. Once so positioned, it uses ultrasound to gauge how much water is left in the bottle and communicates with an app to urge you to give your body that which plants crave.

Trago does a good job of hiding its tech orientation but the company’s founders haven’t tried to hide the integrations that it has with a range of dvices and services ranging from the Apple Watch to RunKeeper. The product can also take into account hydration needs in preparation for certain activities. The project owners  hope to raise $50,000 by July 3rd. A Trago will set one back $49 and is due to ship in March 2016.

The Trago campaign is running concurrent with that of HidrateMe, which approaches the task with a more integrated bottle.. Both products offer long battery life and can take into account environmental conditions to personalize their recommendations and help with an important element of health that many people neglect. For those who want the flexibiity of working with multiple bottles, the Trago is likely the better choice.

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