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SoundRacer VX FM transmitter lets station wagons live their dreams

Although we may have cars that can easily push the speed limits most people are comfortable with, limits are placed on the road to keep them in check. This is obviously done with safety in mind, but there’s an unfortunate aspect to all of this as the daily grind reduces our powerful vehicles to boxes that merely transport us. As a result, most people never truly experience the thrill of true, unencumbered speed.

Inventor Kenneth Palmestål wants to spice up the daily commute with the SoundRacer VX FM transmitter. With it, anyone can experience the intense roars of Italian V10 supercars simply by plugging the product into a car’s cigarette lighter and revving up the engine. The included microSD slot offers space for multiple car engine profules, so users can switch over to an American muscle car or even a motorcycle with a tap of a button. The device can also transmit music from a smartphone or a music player whenever you’d like some smooth jazz as a counterpoint. Combine with the Pocket Jump to make sure the fun keeps going. The kr600,00 (~$79,530) campaign is looking to get the kr495 (~$66) product out to backers by May 2015.

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