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Sophia puts the humble jump rope through a 21st century makeover & name change

Over the ages, skipping rope has continually proven to benefit the body in a myriad of ways. From working out and toning a variety of muscle groups to improving balance, it’s surprising how such a simple idea can do so much.

Like any simple idea nowadays, smartening it up with some connectivity instantly makes it applicable in a whole new way—something the Bluetooth LE-enabled Sophia jump rope proves. The halves of the leather-gripped handles lock together and come apart when needed, incorporating an OLED display when in use to keep users informed on the number of jumps performed without having to stay stuck to their smartphone. Its tough polymer cord and sweat resistant design makes sure it stands up to the most demanding of users.

Sophia’s companion app for iOS and Android communicates with HealthKit and GoogleFit to integrate relevant information into a user’s overall workout regimen. In addition, users can track jump records, go through Sophia’s arcade mode, and challenge others as well. All this functionality is accessible for up to 15 hours on a single charge. Sophia will cost €39 (~$45) and is expected in May of this year. The campaign is looking to skip its way to a successful €28,500 (~$32,300) campaign.

Other connected devices, like the STABALLIZER, Loop, and Glyder, have recently sprung up as examples of unions between the tech and exercise worlds, but none have been as elegant as Sophia. Its affordable price will surely attract not only exercise nuts but everyone else as well, positioning it well as a new device.

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