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SnapCam360 captures immersive images while lying down on the job

The ability to shoot still photos and video in 360 degrees is a feature that’s become increasingly popular with people beyond professionals. That only increased after Facebook and YouTube started supporting 360-degree video at their websites last year.

SnapCam360 is a 360-degree camera resembling the HTC Re that can shoot in a circle and dome style just while resting with its back on any table or other surface. It can also be used to take panoramic stills and video with a single click and without any need for stitching software to combine images.

In addition to using buttons on the SnapCam360 to control the camera, users can connect a smartphone or tablet via an Android and iOS app to watch exactly what they are framing and shooting in live mode, change settings and features, and control the start and stop of recording and playback SnapCam360 ships in July at future pricing of about $169. But early bird Indiegogo backers can get one for a $125 pledge. Its makers hope to raise $100,000 by April 8.

There is clearly a market for cameras that shoot in 360 degrees. But there are just too many competing, similar products to consider SnapCam360 a sure thing. Besides, despite its name, it can really only capture 180 degrees at a time. In addition to crowdfunded products including GIROPTIC’s 360cam, it faces rival products from established manufacturers including LG and Samsung.


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