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Smart Golf analyzes your swing to steer you to the green

Many golfers would love to hit the green more often than they do, but can’t due to busy schedules at work and home. That can make it especially difficult for a beginner golfer to learn the game.

Smart Golf is a connected golf club that can be used anywhere to improve one’s swing. It analyze golfers’ swings after connection via Wi-Fi to an Android, iOS or Windows Phone app. One of the light signals on the head of the club will indicate when the angle of the user’s stance is correct before swinging.

The application then records the users’ swings, helping them progress and discouraging bad habits. After swinging, an audio alert will indicate contact with a virtual ball. Owners can then instantly review all the information regarding the swing, including rhythm, tempo, speed and angle. Smart Golf costs $180 and ships in October. Its maker is looking to raise $20,000 by June 14.

There have been other products designed to improve one’s golf swing, including the Flex Putter Trainer. But Smart Golf holds promise because of its portability, the realistic club design, and that it can also function as a multiplayer interactive golf game.


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