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Screen Sock slips on to your index, prevents need for Windex

Screen Sock  20140319185833-screensock_phone[1]While touch screens have their plusses, perhaps one of the more annoying minuses for some is the smudges that they collect. By the end of the day, iPhones, tablets and other touch screen devices can look like they were used as a plate for a fried chicken meal – unless you use your shirttail to wipe them off from time to time. But lime green and utterly ridiculous-looking Screen Sock aims to change all that. The one-size-fits-all digital debris debilitation device just slips over your finger (or thumb if you prefer) and lets you swipe away without leaving streaks and smudges on your screen. Perhaps the perfect gift idea for neat freaks, germaphobes, and those who feel it’s too much effort to use a cleaning cloth. For $10, backers get two finger socks and an expected delivery of April 2014.

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