ReadyDesk stands up for large, two-level work surfaces

If it’s actually true that sitting is the new smoking, and that even an hour of exercise can’t burn off an entire day of sitting, one might consider cutting back on the chocolate and eating more fruits and veggies instead. But that hobby horse aside, ReadyDesk was designed as a part of the war on sitting that may have actually gotten its start in Corporate America right about the time the technological revolution began in the 20th century. Funny how no one is willing to study if it’s the computers that are the problem rather than remaining seated at them all day.

Anyway, for those who believe that standing will mean that they will get out of cutting back on all those candy bars at work, this desk is touted as being able to be ergonomically correct no matter what a person’s body build is because it is very adjustable. And since it’s made from recyclable Baltic birch, even those who are environmentally sensitive can feel good about standing at this particular desk. This campaign seeks to raise $18,900 by December 5, 2014. Backers get one desk for $189 with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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