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RazorPOD extends life of razors in the battle of the beard

RazorPODAs if the act of shaving isn’t enough of a hassle and expense all by itself, there’s the added annoyance of keeping up with whether or not your blade is too dull for another usage or not. A blade that lasts might be considered something of a treasure! RazorPOD seems to have found a way to extend them. The foundation for the technology is rooted in the idea that blades get corroded from a combination of water and rust. So if you dry it right away in their 100 percent humidity-free storage unit, blades will last longer. This is a different angle than something like RazorPit, which seems to be rooted in the idea that it’s continuous usage of the razor that makes it dull, and so it needs to be cleaned and sharpened. One thing that might make RazorPod more attractive is that backers can get it for $17, which is less than RazorPit. Expected delivery is June 2014.

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