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Octaloofah turns home showers into spa time with massage and music

If he thinks she spends too much time soaking in the tub already, wait until she gets her hands on this emerging gadget. Octaloofah has the potential to take a simple shower and turn it into a spa –sort of. The octagon-shaped device is a hands-free, multifunctional unit that not only uses exfoliation to help promote healthier skin, but can also provide a pseudo back massage while playing one’s favorite tunes. Octaloofah has a wireless sound system that connects to any Bluetooth device. Talk about added ambiance! The product attaches to the shower wall via suction cups, and the exfoliating half-spheres are easily replaceable when necessary.

There isn’t presently any clear indication of how much these will cost to replace, which may affect backers’ opinion of this product. For the perfect item to round out this home spa mindset, backers might want to check out the Wave Hooks wine and cheese holder for bath-time enthusiasts. This campaign seeks to raise $65,000 by January 31, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $39 with an expected delivery of August 15.

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