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Koova security camera does everything but chase intruders away

In the United Kingdom and many points beyond, cameras are everywhere. With smartphones, security cameras and the increasing presence of the Internet of Things, they’re being crammed into everywhere else at a fraction of the cost they previously were.

Cue Amaryllo International and their Koova, the device it’s claiming to be the world’s smallest auto-tracking camera. The company sees its low-cost Koova being used in home, garage, office and small business situations. The sleek looking cylindrically shaped device is Wi-Fi connected, boasting HD quality and 8GB of onboard memory.

The cylindrical Koova uses a combination of rotating body and a motion sensor to keep an eye on things within its 240° of vision that can be personalized by the user to let it know what areas to pay attention and what others to ignore. If anything does go awry, it sounds alarms and turns on warning lights, using face detection software to sends users push notifications to their mobile device of the dastardly individual.

With Koova, users have the option to save recorded video to the cloud. 24hrs of storage is free, 30 days of storage is $9.99 a month, while 365 days of storage is $14.99 a month, a price that goes down to $9.99 for Kickstarter backers. Koova in black or white goes for $159 with an estimated ship date of September 2016. The campaign is looking for $1,000 by December 13th, 2015.

Koova’s compatiability with the Apple Watch and Pebble are certainly enticing, and its mountable nature makes it a natural fit in a wide array of situations — users will just have to make sure using it will be worth it since this is more of a long term security solution. It’s lack of interface with other IoT devices is a let down, though. Check out the Butterfleye for addition sound recognition in addition to every other security camera’s motion detection.


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