GroUrban puts a small bit of plant life in your nearest cupholder

For those who don’t like the plant life growing in that travel mug that they keep forgetting about and leaving in their cupholder, GroUrban allows commuters to enjoy their favorite plant life in their car’s cupholder instead.  No specific measurements are noted for the size of the planter.

While there is a built-in reservoir to help keep plants watered, the extreme heat and cold that usually goes with remaining parked outdoors for extended periods of time may make for a short life for plants unless one is able to park in a garage both at home and work, or is willing to carry around the plant to keep it out of the extremes. In addition, GroUrban fits in a car drink holder, so one may need to choose between that java and their favorite plant unless the car has multiple drink holders. But who knows? Maybe the travel mug will finally be remembered if it has some pretty plant life around it. This campaign seeks to raise £50,000 (~$78,500) by December 14, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for £10 (~$16 USD), with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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