Elevation Rack brings added organization to smaller kitchens

Small kitchens can mean a limited mess to clean up, but they can also mean the frustration of limited counter tops for storage and cooking preparation. Elevation Rack is a modular storage unit for kitchens that can be used in a number of ways to free up precious counter space. This particular rack was designed in such a way that it can be customized to fit in nearly any kitchen, and it doesn’t need any tools for assembly–it just gets configured to fit in front of one’s existing kitchen facing. Adjustable shelves and attachments mean that users have easy access to their spices, herbs, wines, stemware, and even some citrus fruit for cooking those delectable delights.

Keep in mind that this product is most suitable for smaller kitchens. The folks at Elevation should consider broadening their vision. This campaign seeks to raise $40,000. Early bird backers get one stemware rack for $29. Larger contributions can get more rack options. Expected delivery is August 2015.

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