Dillenger e-bike conversion kit pimps your bike, adds lightweight motor and Bluetooth

Huge hubs with brushless motors inside are popping up pretty much everywhere, having signified the rise of the e-bike. Their versatility has been proven, especially for those who care to streamline their entire commute or just make it slightly easier. The problem with e-bikes, however, lies in the fact that most people have regular bikes already, making the decision to buy a completely new one pretty difficult, if not impossible.

The team at Dillenger have created an e-bike conversion kit to make the switch easier. It differentiates itself from other bulky, all-in-one solutions usually attached to the back of most bikes with its lightweight front-wheel based design. The Dillenger kit preserves the entire bike while outfitting it with a 250-350W brushless motor and a removable 36V, 400W lithium ion battery that connects to the bike’s frame; an upgrade from products like the Fusion Sports Drive. The Bluetooth LE enabled kit allows for iOS and Android devices to control the bike’s settings for the entire 80km span of each charge. The $20,000 AUD (~$16,430 USD) campaign is offering the conversion kit for $699 AUD (~$580 USD). Two Dillenger-branded, fully electric bikes are being offered at $1,249 AUD (~$1,000 USD) and $1,449 AUD (~$1,200 USD), respectively, with all due to be shipped in May 2015.

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