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Das Kühling makes your beer cold as ice without much sacrifice

If there is anything that the Germans can do right, it’s beer. In fact, if there’s a way to arrange it so that the beer comes out of the kitchen faucet, they will find it.

Das Kühling makes beer lovers’ dreams come true. This portable music amp turned beer amp can easily go from the kitchen sink to road trip to rock concert since it only takes 12V DC to make it function. So it can be hooked up to a car or truck battery. The user connects a beer keg directly to the amp, set it to the desired temperature and in minutes the beer is cold and ready for drinking. An indicator light lets the user know how much has been poured. Once the beer is gone, the amp self-cleans when hooked up to a line of fresh water. It’s not entirely clear how much the product weighs overall, and it is presently compatible with G-type coupler kegs, though broadening the compatibility is in the works.

This product will likely have wide appeal from the young adult to the baby boomer who appreciates rock-n-roll classics and memorabilia. And of course, anyone who feels that it’s the beer that makes the party. Backers who like to add some games to their beer and fun might want to check out the Allin and Shot Timer campaigns.  This campaign seeks to raise $150,000. For $499, backers get one Das Kühling with an expected delivery of August 2015.

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