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Connected Cycle Pedals let you track bike rides, track down bike thieves

There are devices on the market that consumers can use to prevent the theft of their bicycle. There are also devices available that can track pedaling data for health and fitness reasons.

patent-claimedConnected Cycle Pedals, however, were designed to be used for both of those applications. Once connected to any bike, the device will instantly transform it into a smart bicycle. Although the pedals work in conjunction with an app for Android (4.0 and higher) and iOS (7 and higher) devices, users don’t need to have a smartphone with them while biking because the pedals have their own Internet connection. The pedals automatically record statistics and send them through the cloud to the app.

In addition, the pedals will send users an alert on their mobile device if somebody moves the bike because the product is equipped with a motion detection system. If the bike is taken, the pedals have built-in GPS that will help users track their bike down. Connected Cycle Pedals cost $220 and will ship in December. The campaign deal has been sweetened as the company is offering a SIM card with free lifetime data to its backers. Its maker set an Indiegogo campaign goal of reaching $50,000 by May 27.

To appeal to a wide array of cyclists, the pedals are available in five colors: black, blue, green, red and “tangerine” Particularly given how unobtrusively they blend into the bike and their easy installation, Connected Cycle Pedals should appeal to almost any cyclist who wants to track performance or their bike should it fall into the wrong feet.

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