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CaulkKnocker makes home repairs more smooth; not as dirty as it sounds

Roofing sealant, caulk and other sticky substances used for home repair or construction are often a pain to work with. It’s often difficult to manipulate them into where they are supposed to go.

CaulkKnocker was created with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. The smoothing tool has a head made of ice, so sticky substances stick to the proper surfaces and not the tool. The product consists of a handle that is attached to a reservoir and mold. Water gets poured into the reservoir and then the product gets placed in the freezer so that an ice mold is formed on the head of the product.

This seems like a great idea, though if one is on a roof or is not close to a freezer, a cooler may be necessary to help keep the ice head from melting too quickly. To keep this product cold, ready to use and at one’s fingertips, backers may also be interested in Icebuddy. This campaign seeks to raise $55,000. For $100, backers get one kit with an expected delivery of August 2015.

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