Back to the Backers: Campfire in a Can comes roaring back to life

For those who thought that Campfire in a Can was a great idea the first time around and were disappointed when that campaign goal wasn’t met, the heat is on this time. The results are looking good.

Campfire in a Can allows the user to be able to start a cooking fire outdoors without having to rely on finding wood. While wood is an option, the product also works with charcoal and propane. The really nice thing here is that it’s all contained in one canister so that it transports easily to one’s favorite campsite or picnic area. Even in times of burning bans outside, Campfire in a Can can still be used because the design is classified as a contained fire.

Great product? Or potential lawsuit? Campfire in a Can is designed with safety in mind and the perfect addition to any campsite. This campaign seeks to raise $48,000 by March 6. For $144, backers get one product (including propane-burning capability) with an expected delivery in June of this year.

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