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Brewie brews beer at home both for the novice and expert brewer

Beer is a popular drink among many adults. Its brewing process, however, is a bit complicated, keeping people from being able to brew their own beer. Balancing out the ingredients and letting the beer ferment are simply too difficult for a novice to do at home.

Brewie makes it possible to brew one’s own beer at home. This large metal box comes with yeast, hops, malt and different recipes. To use, place the Brew Pad in the box and scan the accompanying card. It will begin to brew. Brewing takes about 5-6 hours for the initial cooking period and about 5-16 days of fermenting.

Brewie offers all different kinds of beer including: IPAs, reds, stouts, and pilseners. This at-home brew systems goes through 10 different steps in its brewing, so the user can add additional hops whenever they want, making it possible to brew their own kinds of beer and virtually any kind of beer there is. In addition, Brewie makes brewing beer fun for experts too and gives control over 23 parameters of the process, if the user wants.

While this machine is large and bulky, it does have some cool promise. At-home brewing usually involves a lot of accessories and work in order to create a great tasting beer. Brew takes all of the hassle out of at-home brewing. Its automatic and manual options make it versatile too, allowing it to be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. One will cost backers a donation of $1,299 for the beginner pack. Brewie is hoping to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo.

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