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Bench brings organization, docking station

Bench  b23d0a3ec86f8b94fb29abca099c9173_large[1]Tablets, iPhones, pens, pencils, paper, and other important things always seem like they’ve sprouted legs and have run off somewhere when you want them. With spring right around the corner, Bench aims to cater to the ambitious souls out there who are thinking thoughts like, How can I organize the mess that I can still find? The glorified desk organizer is ten inches long and made of acrylic plastic. It’s lined with acrylic foam so as not to scratch or damage tablets, iPhones or other gadgets. While there are many gadget docks and desk organizers out there, Bench seems to be the first to combine the two concepts. For $20 backers get one Bench and an estimated delivery of May 2014.

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