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Backtrack monitors spinal movement with eye to those in rehab

As we age, we begin to slow down. For example, our backs give out and injuring them could mean immobility for weeks.

Backtrack is a sensor that tracks movements in real time in 3-D. Connecting to any smartphone, the image shows movements on the screen. With this data, advanced algorithms can be applied to analyze how to improve movements and really show what’s going on, especially in physical therapy situations. The product itself is a small blue piece of rubber (obviously with more stuff inside). The campaign does a good job of showing how moving the sensor tracks those motions on the phone.

While the idea of translating three-dimensional motions onto a phone is a novel one, it doesn’t really seem necessary. The technology is still too new to really do much with the data collected. The campaign mentions vague “advanced algorithms” but it’s confusing what these really are. Backtrack seems to have fallen into the trap of sensor without feedback. Other sensors, like the runScribe track motions and then provide useful tips about adjustment. For their very own, backers can donate $150 CAD (~$131 USD) for estimated delivery in July 2015. Backtrack is looking to raise $50,000 CAD (~$44,000) on Kickstarter.

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