Octopus smartwatch teaches kids time and good habits

Kids’ smartwatches tend to merely be stripped-down versions of standard smartwatches, with fewer features but more colorful designs.

Octopus is a twist on kids’ smartwatches, featuring a simple, icon-based user interface designed to teach children good habits and the concept of time, while fostering independence, responsibility and self-esteem. The watch works in conjunction with Android and iOS mobile devices that allow parents to manage Octopus from their own smartphones and tablets. Octopus ships in March at $79, but Kickstarter backers can order one for a pledge starting at $49 for early birds. Its makers hope to raise $50,000 by July 22.

The design of Octopus sets it apart from many other kids smartwatches, such as Miiya. That it’s water resistant is a plus, but being waterproof would be preferable for any kids’ smartwatch considering how likely it is that the device will get wet at some point. More importantly, Octopus doesn’t –- at least for now –- have the ability to alert parents as soon as their child is about to be out of range. That’s a feature that its makers are working on and want to make available by the time it ships … or at least as a free software update later on.


Keep your digital eye on the stove at all times with TOCH Smarturns

In the home, everyone has the expectation of being safe. But dangers, however controlled, can still find ways to strike. This is especially true in the kitchen, where the majority of fires are caused by unattended cooking. There are devices that make fridges and washers smarter: the TOCH Smarturns does the same for stoves.

patent-claimedTOCH Smarturns automatically monitors the activity within the area around a stove when the burners are on by replacing one of its knobs with an intelligent one and working together with a motion sensor. When a user walks away from the stove for an extended period while the burners are still on, the system will first alert them through an alarm from the separately connected hub along with a mobile phone notification to return to the unattended stove. (more…)

Suzy Snooze helps Suzy –- and everybody else –- get some sleep

Every parent wants their babies to get some sleep because if an infant doesn’t sleep, the adults don’t either.

patent-claimedSuzy Snooze is a three-in-one device that uses light and sound to soothe kids to sleep — helping their parents get some sleep in the process — and also helps wake kids up. Suzy evolves with children through their early years — serving as first a baby monitor, then a lullaby nightlight, and then a toddler sleep trainer. It plugs into a wall socket and comes with U.S., U.K. and European adapters.

Suzy works out of the box, but also in conjunction with a mobile device app that allows parents to control the device’s functions remotely, including whether to leave the nightlight on or off.


Forget boring 2-in-1s: the DRONOID 3-in-1 drone is where it’s at

Playing with technology is a fantastic way to encourage kids to learn. Most of the time, though, these educational opportunities keep children indoors, marring otherwise positive development within the confines of a small classroom.

No one said the wonders of technology and the great outdoors are mutually exclusive. In fact, the team behind the DRONOID modular drone is trying to make the case with its newest creation. The modular drone can be converted into three separate vehicles: a rover with large wheels to quickly cover distance, a tread-equipped tank that can cover all kinds of difficult terrain and, of course, a flying drone to take awesome photos with using an optional HD camera attachment. (more…)

The Nico360’s tiny frame streams everything around you

From action sports to brand activations, there is really nowhere 360° doesn’t work. It’s enjoyable, effective, and adds a new dimension to family outings, sporting events, and a bunch other gatherings and get together. And while the equipment needed to produce quality 360° footage is shrinking, there’s always the possibility for even smaller form factors.

Jim Huang out of Hong Kong is chasing the very smallest form factor with the Nico360, a square-shaped camera that packs a lot into its tiny size. Its crowning achievement is a 32MP sensor that allows for 1440p WQHD 360° video recording that, combined with a 5G Wi-Fi radio, allows users to live stream 360° video. (more…)

Vitrima turns your GoPro camera into 3D recording device

Shooting stereoscopic 3D video with an existing 2D camera would be a nice feature to have. But most cameras aren’t designed to do that and achieving a stereoscopic 3D effect typically requires two separate cameras, plus additional software to stitch the two videos together.

patent-claimedVitrima is a stereoscopic 3D lens that connects to a GoPro camera via the camera’s standard housing that comes pre-attached to the lens. The lens transforms the camera into a 3D recording device without the need for another camera or special software. It uses mirrors to create the 3D natively in the camera. Another nice feature is that Vitrima is waterproof.


Connected Bagel tape measure is high on functionality, low in carbs

In 2016, every single thing we come across is more than likely connected to the internet. Over the last few years, the crowdfunding world has made sure of that, touching everything from the kitchen oven to thermoses. One outlier is measuring tape, a tool people still use every single day for pretty important reasons despite its unwieldiness.

Bagel Labs, Inc. is out to right this oversight with its charmingly-named Bagel connected tape measure. The cleanly designed tool three measuring modes, voice memo capability, and mobile app connectivity for a device that’s simple to use. The String mode is the first, used to measure short distances along lines and curves and around corners. The self-titled Wheel mode is perfect for irregular and odd-shaped surfaces and can be used with one hand to measure up to 33 feet. Finally, the Remote mode takes advantage of a laser pointer and the device’s built-in standing support to perfectly measure straight distances to objects too far out of reach. (more…)