The Lighty laser LED projector displays whatever wherever

editors-choiceEverybody loves heading to the movie theaters. The experience of watching a thrilling drama or pulse-pounding action flick is enhanced by the big screen, so much so that people will go as far as buying a projector for their own home to always have the big screen option. The problem lies in how expensive and bulky the projector usually can be, putting a damper on installation along with any ideas of portability.

In creating Lighty, inventor Ovidiu Sandru set out to combine robotic design with an HD laser projector. The result is a mechanical projector with integrated Android tablet that features a self-orientating, self-leveling 360° panoramic projector head that can display media on walls as well as ceilings. A double tap, touchless gesture or voice recognition can all wake Lighty up when ready to be used, and it can even work with products like the Leap Motion to extend control options.


Get moving anywhere with the Move It connected exercise system

For most, one of the biggest roadblocks to developing a consistent exercise routine is simply finding a place to get sweaty. While a gym is an obvious answer, they can be crowded and/or expensive. Some choose to go at it at home instead, but that can quickly become limiting due to a lack of space.

The Move It portable, modular exercise system is designed to be a connected gym anywhere it is. It’s portable because it weighs a little under seven pounds and modular because its sturdy, sensor-equipped handles fit into each of the Move It’s four exercise tools: an ab wheel, a jump rope, push-up stand and resistance band. No matter the exercise, the product’s capacitive touch handles feature a six-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer and infrared elements for proper alignment along with pressure and tension sensors, all to accurately distinguish different exercises and coach users through their routine and ensure proper form.


Appbot Riley patrols, keeps its eye on your abode

The promise of the future is one built on the idea that robots will help humans progress against the challenges of tomorrow. Making this idea a reality will require huge leaps in technology, the types of which are around the proverbial corner but still a while off. Until then, there are products like the Appbot Riley that afford a glimpse at these possibilities.

Riley is a charming little robot designed to be a set of eyes and ears in the home when work or play calls. This roving robot is equipped with a microphone, speaker and 5MP camera with night vision capabilities, all of which can be controlled from its companion smartphone app over Wi-Fi to take snapshots, record video, check around the house, or communicate with those who may be at home.


Postie connected thermal printer delivers printed messages from afar

Although mobile devices do a great job of helping people communicate with friends and family who live many miles away, there is just something special about custom, handwritten messages and drawings that people share with each other in person. That’s especially the case when there are kids involved.

Postie is a connected Bluetooth thermal printer that delivers small notes -– drawings or written messages — to family and friends who have downloaded a companion Android and iOS app. Before starting to send and receive messages, both the recipient and sender must install the app on their compatible smartphones. Next, the recipient must place the smartphone onto Postie to receive the messages.


The Sprimo purifier uses clean design to clean air

Dealing with contaminants in the air can be a daily struggle for people ranging from those with asthma to to those allergic to pets. While people think they can head inside to escape hazardous air, that’s not the case at all: the EPA previously stated that indoor air has the potential to be 100 times worse than outdoor air.

That’s why it’s important to have devices like the Sprimo to help clean that air. Most air purifiers are big, bulky, and take time to properly filter out the air in question. The team behind Sprimo claims its small, sleekly design fan is able to filter air 50 times better than other purifiers due to its design. Its Personal Mode immediately creates a bubble of fresh air around a user, while its Turbo Mode — activated when the device is pointed upward so that the air generated is split by its brushed aluminum halo — filters out an entire room’s air quickly. A small Nest-like touchscreen on Sprimo’s face lets users instantly check the contents of their air, displaying the PM 2.5, volatile organic compound (VOC), and CO2 content along temperature and humidity scores.


Duplex Case grafts a second phone onto the back of an iPhone 6

Sometimes it would be handy to have a second smartphone on hand. That way, if one of them runs out of juice, the second device can be used to make an urgent phone call. But having two separate devices would be a hassle also because it would require a consumer to buy a second smartphone and then schlep both devices around.

Duplex is a case for the iPhone 6 that doubles as a second smartphone. Its back panel acts as a smartphone, complete with a display. Meanwhile, the case also charges the iPhone. The iPhone Duplex Case frame’s dimensions are 142.3 x 70.5 x 8.3mm, its main body thickness is 6mm, and its total weight is 74 grams.

Duplex ships in June. Future pricing isn’t available. But early bird Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge starting at $49. Its makers have a modest goal of raising $5,000 by May 11. This is a device that many consumers may find handy. For now, the major obstacle is the fact that it is only for iPhone 6 users. But its makers are developing similar cases for other unspecified models.


Ultra-slim Wekey Pocket folding keyboard may be thin on experience

Just because a keyboard folds up doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to drag around with us while traveling. If it can’t fit in a pocket, one can make a case that a keyboard still isn’t much more portable than a traditional keyboard that doesn’t fold up.

Wekey Pocket is a wireless, foldable keyboard with a QWERTY keyboard and a thickness of just under .24 inches, allowing it to easily slip inside a pocket. Its makers claim Wekey is the world’s thinnest and lightest keyboard, pointing out that existing foldable keyboards are more than .39 inches thick when folded.