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Z-Charge keeps your phone and tablet bedside so they won’t hog the blanket

For those who can’t bear to be parted from their gadgets to the point that they even sleep with them, there is now an option to allow owner and gadget to share the bed…sort of. Z-Charge is a cloth-looking unit that stretches across the bed under the mattress. Velcro strips and the mattress on top help to hold it in place. Three pockets hang over the bed on either side, allowing for up to six gadgets to be charged at once via USB ports, and the entire unit simply plugs into the wall to power the chargers.

It appears to be fairly universal overall, with pockets of multiple sizes on each side to accommodate a total of two eReaders, two tablets and two iPhones. This campaign seeks to raise €40,000 (~$50,000 USD) by November 20, 2014. For €44 (~$55 USD), backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015, and a Christmas postcard stating that it is on the way for those who may want to use it for a gift.