Vegetation goes vertical with The Herb Grower

Cooking with fresh herbs is one of the best ways to make flavorful dishes. And being able to have an herb garden right at one’s fingertips while those delectable delights are being made is not only convenient, but adds some nice greenery to the kitchen scenery. The Herb Grower is a vertical system of removable pots and gravity irrigation that provides plants with a built in watering system to help keep them healthy. The runoff pan keeps walls and floors dry, and since it’s a modular system, the garden can be pretty much any size desired and rearranged at will. It appears that it comes with potting soil, so plants can be easily started from seed or purchased and repotted. Though it is touted as having minimal installation, the ideal tools to use to put it in place are not noted. Nevertheless, it does seem like a great idea, especially for those who enjoy cooking. Backers can enjoy plants in their home with the similar Garden@Home as well. This campaign seeks to raise $55,000 CAD (~$48,500 USD) by December 8, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $55 CAD (~$48 USD) with an expected delivery of March 2015.