swivelCard is for the truly plugged-in business networker

swivelCardBusiness cards are a great way to get people to remember you. The only problem is that most only contain little information. With the swivelCard, a combination business card and USB, it’s possible to show people not only your contact information, but also photos, videos and presentations. The flat card folds into a lightweight USB drive. For a set of 200, swivelCard will cost backers $319 with estimated delivery in October 2014. These smart business cards offer the perfect way to show someone tons of information while making a great impression at the same time. On Kickstarter, swivelCard hopes to raise $10,000 in 35 days.

Julia Herrick is Backerjack's associate editor. She recently relocated from Canada to New Hampshire where she works in social media marketing and plays the cello for the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra.