POD tents interlock to create your campground human Habitrail

Camping can be one of the most fun and family friendly activities. But when the sun goes down and the kids are just done for the day, it often means that one parent doesn’t get to enjoy the company of the group so that the kids stay put in their tent, don’t get freaked out by nighttime nature sounds, and all remains well.

POD tents offer a unique idea that allows for the camping experience with a bit of extra privacy, diminishing that feeling of social suffocation that comes with a little too much togetherness. Since the tents are modular and can be connected by a tent tunnel, parents have fewer worries about letting kids have their own tent. Entrances and exits can be zipped or unzipped to provide a doorway or extra privacy when needed. One especially nice feature here is the 2.2 meter height, which means most adults will be able to stand up fully when they want to move around. A width of 3.6 meters means plenty of space. It’s not entirely clear how waterproof it would be in the event of rain, but it does appear that it may offer at least limited shelter in such an instance.

Overall, this seems like a great idea that can bring mom and dad some extra peace of mind when enjoying the great outdoors. This campaign seeks to raise £50,000 (~$78,200) by December 4, 2014. For £25 (~$39), backers can get one with expected delivery in January 2015.