Mule Light Orb taps LEDs to stick it to the glow stick

Having an easy-to-carry light source available when you need it most just got easier. Mule Light Orb got its inspiration from green glow sticks, with the intention of improving on a good idea and arranging for it to offer greater functionality. This green orb can attach to a key ring, backpack for camping, bike handlebars, and multiple other locations. Its energy saving settings allow it to extend the life of the LED light, but even once that dies out, it can be recharged via a USB cable. Use it as a flashlight, campsite safety light, hiking trail marker, or signal while biking or walking at night. The campaign fails to clarify if the 100 hours the orb is supposed to last is with or without the energy saving setting being exclusively implemented. While the item isn’t going to be something that can replace a good flashlight or other camping or cycling accessories that are light sources, it might make for a useful emergency light item to have on hand.  This campaign is seeking to raise $67,000 by October 30, 2014. Backers get one product for $25, with an expected delivery of November 2014 and a $67,000 campaign goal.