MasterPan has the master plan for cooking a whole meal at once

When cooking a quality meal on the stove, multiple pans are always needed in order to keep everything separated. This results in more energy used, more pans to wash and a cluttered kitchen. The aptly named Master Pan combines the functionality of several different pans into one. The non-stick skillet has five separated sections, one long one in the middle and two on each side. This product is perfect for cooking a variety of delicious items. Safe for the dishwasher and oven, the Master Pan is a great addition for the kitchen. One will cost backers $49 with estimated delivery in December 2014. The Master Pan hopes to cook up $45,000 on Kickstarter.

Other sectioned skillets on the markets have fairly specific functions, like the Lodge Cornbread Skillet which has eight pizza slice looking sections and is intended for cooking cornbread. The Master Pan features differently-sized compartments, making it easier to cook different types of items at once. With the added bonus of saving energy and pans to wash, the Master Pan has many desirable features. The campaign shows several examples of menu items that can be cooked with the pan, including an egg sandwich in progress with bacon in the middle, and eggs, onions and peppers on the sides. Because of the smaller sections, the Master Pan couldn’t really be used for large families, however, it is still a great product for those living alone who don’t want to dirty large pans for small food.