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MagClip keeps earbuds from swinging along while you’re singing along

Enjoying favorite tunes on the iPod while exercising or doing random chores around the house is a nice way to brighten up otherwise dull tasks. The challenge is keeping earbuds in one’s ears when doing a lot of moving around. That’s why MagClip was created. This product is a magnetic system that attaches to headphone cords, and then the cords attach to the user’s shirt. And when the user needs to take the earbuds out of their ears, the wires are still held in place because of the magnets. Good positioning is necessary to make sure the shirt doesn’t tug on the wires. Still, it helps prevent tangling when it’s time to put earbuds away. MagClip compatible with most earbud wires. Nunchuk, Nearbuds and Nearbuddy are other magnetic options, or for backers who’d like to go wireless with their earbuds, check out the Earin campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $5000 by November 28, 2014. For $7, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of February 2015.