Food and Beverage

Icealot gives you balls of ice

Most people don’t know that the cloudy, white ice we pull out of our freezers to serve to guests on a hot summer day or to enjoy in our drink of choice isn’t really the best. Since the experience of having ice melt so quickly is such a normal one, most of us never really think twice about it. This leaves our beverages diluted and pretty much ruined by the time you reach mid-cup. iceälot is a system of ice molds designed to be used within a compact freezer box that creates beautifully clear ice free. The molds feature holes that allow impurities to be pushed down through into the water it floats atop, leaving users with smooth, clear ice in a variety of shapes: there are spherical molds, cubes, and sticks, amongst many others. An iceälot freezer box alongside four spherical molds goes for $75, with the option to get additional add-on molds as well, for delivery in March 2015. The campaign is looking for $25,000 to bring iceälot to production.