fps1000 keeps the price low for the super slow-mo pro

If you haven’t yet seen the YouTube video of a shark shooting out of water as it goes after its prey, you should — it’s a beaut. But that piece of fantastic videography wouldn’t have been possible without the wonders of high-speed imaging, something that would be more widespread if it weren’t for the complex setups and intense memory demands of the equipment necessary to capture it. Just a 1 second video at VGA resolution and 1,000 fps requires an incredible 400 MBytes of very high speed memory  — and that’s just on the lower end of things!

Compelled to find a more accessible solution, inventor Graham Rowan labored to create the fps1000, a super portable camera capable of taking videos of between 75fps and 18,000fps. The camera also features a touch screen LCD screen along with the standard C mount so that a wide variety of lenses can be equipped. There are three different versions of the fps1000: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Their prices range from £349 to £999, which may still seem pricey but is much better than comparable setups. With the campaign having blown past it’s funding goal of £20,000, many seem to agree.