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Bluetooth-equipped Sonic Decanter lets you Chardonnay your way

Every wine connoisseur knows that wine must breathe before it is served. Decanting is a must for serving a great beverage. Now decanting just got a little bit smarter with the Sonic Decanter. This product decants your wine using water and ultrasound. To set how long it runs for, use the accompanying smartphone app. Simply fill it with two cups of water, uncork the bottle and place it in the decanter pushing the button to activate. According to the campaign, this technique makes your wine, whether red, white or somewhere in the middle, positively delectable. The science behind it all is a bit complicated, but a full explanation can be found on the campaign.

While Sonic Decanter is surely one of those frivolous wine accessories, its claimed capabilities may be too much for the fanatic wine-o to resist. The accompanying app is a nice touch too, allowing the user to adjust times based on what kind of wine they’re about to drink. One smart wine preparer will cost backers a donation of $199 for delivery in May 2015. Sonic Decanter is hoping to raise $85,000 with the help of Kickstarter.