Back to the Backers: Avo self-cleaning tropical fish tank

After reaching half of their goal in September of this year, the British-made Avo canceled its funding on Kickstarter. But why?! Now they’re back on Kickstarter (and Backerjack) with a smaller goal, but still tons of supporters.

Avo is a self-cleaning fish tank. The fish’s waste along with uneaten food feed the plants, keeping the tank and water fresh. In addition, Avo comes equipped with an LED programmed light that not only gives the plants enough light, but also keeps the water warm enough for tropical fish. A donation of £200 (~$320) will get backers the Avo kit which includes the tank, food, lights and plant pods for estimated delivery in July 2015. This time around, Avo is looking for £60,000 (~$96,000), cutting down on their original goal due to the discovery of better-value tools.

Not much has changed about Avo since the original campaign. The idea of a self-cleaning tank is certainly tantalizing to most fish-enthusiasts. Imagine a self-cleaning cat! Wait, well, still Avo is a very cool way to provide a stylish, easy home for beta fish.