Fitness Wearables

SmartMove monitors all activity from the ground up

One of the main issues with the latest trend of activity trackers is that users just might not have them on at all times. Everybody knows that they need to stay active to be healthy, but how active is active enough? SmartMove is a new kind of activity tracker that monitors all movement and exercise […]

Chargers/Batteries Health and Wellness

Tylt Vu Pulse adds heart rate, wireless charging to Pebble Time

Heart rate tracking is one of the most helpful features of some fitness activity trackers and smartwatches including the Apple Watch. But it’s not a feature (yet anyway) on the Pebble Time smartwatch. The need to plug in the watch to charge it, meanwhile, can be a major hassle. Tylt Vu Pulse is an add-on, […]

Aquatics Health and Wellness Smartwatches/Bands

Surfers ride the fitness band wave with the Glassy Zone tracker

Although it seems that fitness and activity trackers exist for every sport, their conquest is not quite complete. Curiously, there’s nothing out there specifically for surfers which means an entire population of athletes that don’t have a choice at all when it comes to wearables. GlassyPro’s Glassy Zone is that wearable device specifically designed with these […]

Sleep Wearables

Oura ring puts a finger on how your sleep affects your day

Since the success of Fitbit, there’s been an endless parade of activity trackers offered through crowdfunding platforms and via traditional channels. While many of these either treat sleep monitoring as a secondary feature or focus exclusively on the sleep experience, the Oura ring starts with sleep experience monitoring as a foundation for determining optimum activity levels. […]

Smart Home

Tiny NUZii smart device micro-manages so you don’t have to

By no fault of their own, most of our homes are dumb. As a result, hoards of companies offer all-in-one solutions to take advantage of the opportunities that technology has to offer. Over the years, these smart home hubs have evolved from merely being control points for other connected objects to adding utility themselves. With all […]

Health and Wellness Wearables

Aqua 100 swim trainer provides strategies for your strokes

Activity trackers are great ways to not only stay in shape, but improve a workout from the ground up. Plenty of devices handle this task easily, but for those that prefer to push themselves through swimming, there are a number of hurdles an activity tracker needs to jump beyond just being waterproof. The Aqua-100 is […]

Aquatics Health and Wellness

Oar Inspired teaches you the right way to row, row, row your boat

As activity trackers have given way to digital workout coaches, each sport has begun to receive tools that are priceless in improving one’s technique and form. To handle this task for the sport of rowing, there’s now Oar Inspired. Oar Inspired is essentially a fully-featured suite of devices designed to measure every aspect of the […]

Relaxation Wearables

Spire provides a take on stress reduction to let you breathe easier

The Premise. Activity trackers are popular for good reason, evolving far beyond the original concept of a smart pedometer. From physical activity to heart rate, these wearable devices can seemingly track whatever anyone might need. Now, there’s one to keep track of breathing as well. The Product. Spire is a tiny tracker that can be […]

Fitness Wearables

Goccia shrinks fitness tracking to shirt button size

Wearable fitness and activity trackers are becoming something that active people insist on using all the time, so it’s no surprise that more and more are popping up. More like the Misfit Shine than a Fitbit, the Goccia is an impressively small, constantly worn fitness tracker that can monitor both activity and sleep. With a […]

Connected Objects Health and Wellness

Atlas carries the weight of exercise knowedge on its shoulders

The Premise.  You’ve watched what you’ve eaten, been walking the dog regularly, and re-repurposed that dusty, laundry rack back into a treadmill, but your weight loss has hit a plateau and you’re ready for the next level.  Fitness charts, daily journals, progress analyses and beach body, here you come! On second thought, you’ll just buy […]